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Thermal Spary Coating Solutions

Jet Engine Components Repair Station

MTC has wide experience refurbishing aerospace components – especially jet engine - using the applicable metal, alloy, ceramic, cermet, oxide, polyester based coatings (or a combination), in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications (PWA, GE, Allison, Allied Signal/Honeywell). Component repair by MTC Thermal Coating includes, the full gamut of complementary repair processes, such as machining and grinding of coatings, welding – including TIG and electron beam processes, heat treatment, painting and full three-dimensional computerized final inspection, certified by the IAF, IAI and CAAI. 

Key aircraft components overhauled by MTC Thermal Coating Division: 

Allied Signal/Honeywell GTCP 85 


  • Impeller Stage II


  • Inlet Housing


  • Interstage Housing


  • Diffuser Housing


  • Turbine Wheel Shroud


  • Housing Starter Assembly


  • Gear Wheel



Allied Signal/Honeywell GTCP 331 


  • Bearing Inlet Housing


  • Seal Carrier


  • Compressor Housing


  • Scroll Housing


  • Combustion Transition Liner


  • Turbine Shroud


  • Compressor Shroud



Allied Signal/Honeywell ATS 100-206


  • Turbine Wheel


  • Gear Shaft


  • Housing Assy.


  • Scroll Housing


Allied Signal/Honeywell GTCP 660 


  • Compressor Stator Stages I, II, III, IV


  • Compressor Disk Stages I, II, III, IV


  • Turbine Support


  • Inner/Outer Stator Retainer


  • Inlet Seal Carrier


  • Turbine Stator



Other Components


  • F100 / F110 – Flap and Vane


  • F100 – Compressor Stator


  • J52 / JT8 – Vane & Combustion Chamber


  • F16 / F15 / F4 - Wheel


  • Boeing 747 - Wheel


  • PTC Housing Comp. Turbine Shroud


  • JFS Turbine House


  • F16 Flow Body


  • Rod Piston


  • Turbine Housing


  • F16 Landing Gear Pin Assy.


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