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MTC Overview

Motors & HPVs
Servo Actuators
& Solenoids
Landing Gear
Slip Rings
Steering Units
& Fuel systems
Rotary Systems

MTC Industries and Research is one of the leading industries in Israel developing and manufacturing complex aerospace and defense subsystems, as well as medical and dental instruments.

Since its establishment in 1977, MTC has succeeded in gathering under one roof an uncommonly

a broad range of technologies and products. MTC is at your service to transform your given specifications into products adapted to your own specific needs and requirements, while strictly abiding by short delivery schedules and competitive pricing.
MTC is AS9100D / ISO 9001:2015certified and MIL STD compliant.
MTC design, development, and manufacture of high-precision measuring, navigating, actuating and control devices for integration into aircraft, UAV, missiles, gliding bombs, launching systems, tanks, battleships etc. for a variety of aerospace and defense applications.
The wide range of technologies and products, as well as the proven experience of MTC, enables MTC customers to find under one roof integrated-system solutions, allowing them to improve their product, cut-down on costs, shorten delivery schedules and, hence, improve their competitiveness on the market.   
MTC Thermal Coating Service provides a wide range of thermal spray coatings, in particular for highly accurate restoration of the original dimensions of worn mechanical parts, with the desired surface properties - which can be superior to the original in durability.
Coatings may provide resistance to abrasion, erosion, oxidation, sliding-, fretting- or adhesive-wear, fatigue, cavitation effects, chemical attack, atmospheric-, heat- or galvanic- corrosion; they may serve as a thermal barrier, provide electric insulation or conductivity, as well as clearances, impact- or seal-control etc.
The Thermal Coating Division has over 30 years of experience in developing new coatings and unique "tailored" solutions for special surface requirements, in a broad range of applications.  
MTC utilizes experience gained from its manufacture of aerospace products using special metals, 
coatings, and advanced technologies, applying these in the field of medical instruments, particularly for the dental headpiece.

MTC products are characterized by the emphasis put on the needs and comfort of the end-user, as well as on the reliability, the safety and the performance of the product. MTC Dental Products are widely distributed in the world by a network of proficient agents.

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