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Thermal Spary Coating Solutions


The Thermal Coating Division gives solutions in a wide range of applications and industries, through various thermal spray coatings, that have the capacity of transforming the original properties of the part surface into more desirable ones.


The surface of functional mechanical parts, essential to the smooth operation of the systems, is often subject to harsh environmental conditions of varying nature.


Our engineers specialize in finding solutions, tailored to customer requirements, solving many of industry’s developing needs.


You will find below only a few samples of the countless possibilities offered by MTC Thermal Coating Service, using a wide range of materials, to allow you, the customer, to protect the surface of your part, stretch its useful lifetime and improve its performance, while cutting down on production and maintenance costs.


The MTC Thermal Coating Service offers a comprehensive service for component production and reclamation, which includes stripping, repair, buildup, coating and finish by grinding, lapping, sealing and final inspection, as well as the manufacture of coated parts to your specifications – all this, under the strict supervision of MTC Metallurgical Laboratory, which carries out mechanical tests, failure analysis and in-process quality control, by a team of highly qualified metallurgists, certified by the IAF, IAI and CAAI.



Before you design and decide on materials, consult with us. Your part - in combination with our coating - may become more effective, more durable and more profitable than you had in mind.


Maintenance Engineer

No more expensive replacement of worn parts. Let’s protect them against wear even before they are used ! Thermal Spray Coating restores dimensions of used parts, and covers them at critical points with a protective layer. This new surface dramatically improves the useful lifetime of the parts.


Product Designer

You need your part to be resistant to wear / friction / corrosion / oxidation / abrasion / high temperature / aggressive environment / thermal shock. You need it to be electrically insulated / electrically conductive. You name it – the MTC team is at your disposal. Let’s define the problem together and come up with the perfect solution : the surface modification that you need.

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