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Thermal Spary Coating Solutions

The Process

The coating material, in the form of powder or wire, while brought to a melting point, is blown by a gas flow onto the substrate, forming a deposit instantly cooling off, and thus creating a more desirable, custom-tailored surface.


During the entire process, the temperature of the substrate remains below 200°C, thus avoiding any damage or metallurgical changes to the substrate.


A wide range of pure metal, alloy, carbide, oxide, ceramic and cermet coatings are applied to metallic and non-metallic substrates - integrating the desirable properties of one material to those of the other.


Other unique features of the process : a multi-layer coating of different coating materials can create a surface with special physical properties; the thermal coating can be applied to one specific area of the part, e.g. the area most subject to deterioration.


Note: This process is not harmful to the environment, unlike other coating processes, such as  chrome plating (see EPA & EC recommendations); also, thermal coatings are resistant to much higher temperatures than chrome plating.

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