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Solenoid Valves

The solenoid valve - the main purpose of which is flow-control of fluids & gases - is designed and manufactured by MTC according to your specifications, for the most demanding maritime, space or land atmospheric conditions. This MTC product too is characterized by its reliability and long lifetime, owing to the technologies and high quality materials used by MTC.

All products listed below are an example of products available at MTC. If the products listed do not meet your requirements, please Contact Us or use Get-A-Quote page with your specifications and quantities required and we will respond with a proposal.


Flow capacity: 56-64 litre/min (785/380 psi), reaction time: 4 msec


Mechanical stroke: 7.6 mm; air gap corresp. force at 15V: 13.66 kg


Flow capacity: 35 gr/sec (750/450 psi), reaction time: 15 msec

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