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Research & Development

MTC prides itself on a team of skilled and experienced engineers, all of them experts in their field, be it the Mechanical, Electric, Electronic, Aeronautic, Physics, Metallurgy, Medical Equipment etc., supported by top technological aids and software. MTC R&D specializes in preparing technical specifications and production files, in design and manufacture of prototypes and serial products - as well as of tools and fixtures for the production itself.

Mechanical Workshop

The manufacture of high precision parts by turning, milling and grinding with high precision and repeatability, using advanced technologies and state-of-the-art equipment, including highly sophisticated laser-cutting machines. The Workshop supplies all the parts required for MTC Products, as well as high-precision parts for a choice of special customers.

Assembly Facilities

The infrastructure of clean-rooms and cells for the assembly and testing of MTC Products, according to international defense and medical standards – including computerized and environmental testing equipment, laser marking and printing equipment, dynamic balancing and all the necessary equipment for microscopic work, epoxy, RTV casting, wire-up, soldering etc.

Metallurgical Laboratory

Prepares metallurgical specimens, performs tensile and hardness testing, heat treatments, stress relief of raw materials and of mechanical parts. This department specializes in metallurgy related Failure Analysis and Reports.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Department of MTC is highly experienced and implements the company policy of supplying to its customers high-quality products and services, following their specifications and requirements and measuring up to their expectations, in agreement with the delivery schedule, product safety and price competitiveness. MTC is certified to all the relevant international standards required for its products and fields of activity and is Approved Ship-To-Stock supplier to all its customers. MTC has been awarded many Awards for Excellence and Certificates of Appreciation by official authorities and satisfied customers. MTC is committed to constant improvement in all the areas of its activity, to learning new production technologies, and upgrade - wherever possible - the means of production and quality control.

Dimensional Inspection Lab 

This lab is equipped with the best and most advanced equipment available in the field of dimensional inspection, including computerized XYZ, comparators, electric and electronic measuring tools, as well as all the conventional computerized and mechanical testing equipment.

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