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Fuel Systems

MTC develops and manufactures Fuel System Control Manifolds for airborne platforms, the purpose of which is to select and regulate the flow of fuel from among several tanks (2 to 4); all activity and motion within the system is controlled; the system measures pump RPM as well as the pressure and temperature of the fuel and transmits these data. The MTC Fuel System Control Manifold includes a fuel pump, and can be developed in different sizes.

All products listed below are an example of products available at MTC. If the products listed do not meet your requirements, please Contact Us or use Get-A-Quote page with your specifications and quantities required and we will respond with a proposal.


Gear Fuel Pump - stainless steel gears, fluorosilicone "O" Ring Three Tanks.


Gear Fuel Pump - stainless steel gears, fluorosilicone "O" Ring.


Gear Fuel Pump - stainless steel gears, fluorosilicone "O" Ring.


Stainless Steel Gear, Anticorrosive coating, versatile mounting.

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