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Actuators & Servo Actuators

MTC manufactures electric servo-actuators providing motion to a variety of air-borne products, especially UAV. The customers for this item, in Israel and abroad, are manufacturers of UAV of the most advanced types available on the market. MTC actuators come with either digital or analog control options; they contain a brushless electric DC motor of MTC make, contributing to their reliability and resistance in harsh operational conditions, and extending their lifetime.

All products listed below are an example of products available at MTC. If the products listed do not meet your requirements, please Contact Us or use Get-A-Quote page with your specifications and quantities required and we will respond with a proposal.


Peak torque: 25 Nm, useful angular stroke: ±45° - analog / digital


Peak torque: 26 Nm, mechanical stroke: ±50° - digital


Peak torque: 6 Nm, Useful angular Stroke: ±45° - digital.


Peak torque: 26 Nm, mechanical stroke: ±50° - analog.


Peak torque: 100 Nm, mechanical stroke: ±30°


Auto Pilot; Peak torque: 26Nm, mechanical stroke: ±50°


Peak torque: 26 Nm, mechanical stroke: ±50° - digital

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